Some more reflections from Church21…….

In last month’s Parish Newsletter, we asked if you saw anything to ‘reflect’ on in church?

Well, did you? Congratulations if you did and keep your eyes wide open if you didn’t!

As you leave the church by the main door, take a look at the top of the doorframe – there’s a mirror there and you may well ask why?

Did you ever take the time to look – really look – and reflect on the interior of our beautiful church?

What do you see in the mirror? Do you see the people leaving after you – the smiles, the frowns, the hopeful faces? Do you see the empty pews left after everyone leaves? Do you see the altar, the cross, the pulpit, the prayer desk, the lectern?

The church and these fittings are there for us every day of the year – take a moment to reflect on how often you see them; how often you take the time to drop by and join in reflection through God’s word in songs and praise on what is happening in the world today.

Reflect on what the church might be like if nobody showed up.

Reflect on what it would be like if we turned up week after week and spoke to nobody.

Reflect on what we need to do to grow our church – to develop it – to encourage new parishioners.

Reflect on all those who have been a part of our parish family who have brought us to this point.

Reflect on what we, as a parish family, can do for ourselves and the next generations to maintain our beautiful church and grow further into the community outside.

Look again in the mirror and take some time to reflect on the beauty that God has given us.

And now reflect on what you can do to help the Church 21 team develop God’s word both inside and outside our church.

The Church 21 team are looking for volunteers to work as part of a larger team to develop our church into the future – please reflect on how you think you might help and let us know.

Contact names and numbers are listed below. Thank you!


Barbara Cooper – 285 3475                                          Graham Weir – 239 3000

Mandy Swanwick – 289 8176                                       Alan Rhodes – 288 7402

John Tanner – 289 3154

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