Still in need of something to do after the Summer…..

Now is the time to tidy out that wardrobe, attic or cupboard when you know that any unwanted contents will find a new home on 24th September! You can drop off any items to the Rectory and we will pass them on to the stall holders or put them into storage. This year, new/nearly new clothes for adults as well as children are on the list of wanted items.


Jam-making season is well underway, followed by the making of chutneys and relishes. These items will all be in demand and Susan (01-289 8881) from the Deli Stall will gratefully accept. The Brand New Stall is where you can hand in your unwanted presents or indeed prizes (partners of Golf players please take note!!). Joan (01-289 7105) has offered to take in and store contributions until September. Paddy (086 258 5194) and his band of helpers are looking for books for the Book Stall. Also any CD/DVDs that you or your family haven’t listened to or watched over the last year, now is the time to give someone else the opportunity to listen/watch them. We will also be looking for donations of plants and cuttings for the ever-popular Plant/Gardening stall, along with cakes and tray bakes for the Cake Stall. Finally there is an appeal for bottles for the Bottle stall. Always a popular stall, but there is a need for all kinds and types of bottles (sauces, shampoos, shower gel, beers, minerals and wine).


John & Vera Tanner Co-ordinators Frank Johnson Venue Controller
    Joyce Buckley Media/Advertising
Stall Holders      
Arts & Crafts Sally McEachern    
Bottles Alan Rhodes Face Painting Catherine Swanwick
Books & CD/DVD Paddy Bowes Games Vera Tanner
Brand New The Beck Family Household Michael & Susan O’Kane / Michael & Elaine Wann
Cakes Hilary Cran Hot Dogs Graham & Angie Weir
Catering Jane Bowes & Ashlyn Casey Jewellery, Bags, Scarves & New/Nearly New clothes Sandra Ruttle / Sandra Rhodes
    Plants / Gardens Bridgid Fitzsimon
Children’s Toys Jane Cremin Raffle Brian Overend / Christine McCluskey / Jim Finlay / Doug & Alison Knotley
Deli Susan Glennon Waffles Julie Savage