September Church21 Conference reflections……….

“Church 21 is the Church of Ireland’s Programme of Parish Development. In a rapidly changing Ireland, churches are facing both opportunities and challenges. In many, there is a recognition for change, and Church 21 exists to help as churches pursue an attractive and relevant Parish life”  Tullow Parish is fortunate to be part of this Programme.


So, what does this mean for us here in Tullow?


Mandy Swanwick, Alan Rhodes, Graham Weir and myself (Barbara Cooper), along with the Rector, John, are Tullow’s Church 21 Team and we have met together during the year to tease out what we feel are the challenges facing our Parish, and thanks to you taking part in our questionnaire, we are beginning to understand what you feel. We attended a Church 21 Conference from 16th – 18th September in St. Patrick’s College in Drumcondra, which gave us, as a Team, time and space to reflect on our parish life and development and we got a chance to hear how other parishes are facing the future. We left the Conference feeling that with God’s help, we as a parish can face the challenges before us and grow stronger together.


Over the coming months, we will be asking all parishioners for their views on many different subjects concerning our parish, parish life and community involvement. We will do our best to keep you updated regularly.


Finally – and far from least – a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all who took the time to answer our first Questionnaire. If, by any chance, you were not available to respond when contacted, and would like to have the questionnaire to complete or if you have any queries regarding Church 21, please contact any of the Team.


Barbara Cooper – 285 3475                            Graham Weir – 239 3000

Mandy Swanwick – 289 8176                         Alan Rhodes – 288 7402

John Tanner – 289 3154

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